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Your ticket to Wellbeing!

Earn a COMPLIMENTARY WELLBEING PASSPORT when you register to receive academic tuition. Each passport is strictly fitted to the skills and needs of our students, like a well tailored suit!

About Us

Our innovative curriculum is built upon three core pillars …


La Mer is aware of the great capabilities of each student. Through strengths coaching, lifestyle literacy and mathematics programs, we progress your children far beyond the education system, providing them with the skills for a great head start in life.


Diet is part of what shapes our productivity, our capacity for knowledge and our flair for creativity. Through our nutrition, health and etiquette sessions, we fill students stomachs in the best way possible, allowing them to become their best selves. A healthy diet and the right modes of eating matures our students and puts them in the best mind space for academic success.


Positive psychology, stress management and physical engagement through co-curricular activities are instrumental to a child’s lifelong progression. With the wellbeing passport, our students can enter any exam, class or conversation with a maturity beyond their years or even a blissful confidence.

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La Mer have mentored my son and his love for all things academia over the last 4 years. He started as a prep student at age 2 and still requests to attend, which in itself is a testament to how nurturing La Mer is. I attribute a lot of my sons academic success to La Mer. The teachers think outside the box and pushed Alex in the most sensitive of ways to better himself, and we all know that motivating a child can be challenging. Hats off La Mer, your method of tutoring is beyond curriculum and worksheets. My son WANTS to attend your classes (at almost 6 years old), because he recognises the school system falls short in certain areas and cannot nurture his skill set adequately.

— Jamie

My children have been supported by La Mer for the last 3 years and I cannot recommend them highly enough. All the staff are wonderful with my children, responsive to their needs and most importantly my kids enjoy attending. Academically my youngest who her primary school tried to label with learning difficulties at the age of 6, Christina reassured me that this was not the case and within only a few weeks of one on one tutoring the difference in my daughters confidence and ability in reading, writing and speaking surpassed any of my expectations, she is now meeting her milestones along side her friends at school. I couldn’t be more happier with La Mer Group.

— Rosa


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