Children and adolescents while they learn to read and write should comprehend the education of food, and this is not so much about the five food group pyramid but more importantly an understanding of the relationship that food has with our overall wellbeing and how we perform in live. A healthy and fun relationship with food defines self-respect and assertiveness.


Healthy eating is a mindset and @ La Mer Nutrition we find joy in inspiring our clients to make the right choices to feel confident, alive and with a positive mindset.


Wellbeing is at the heart of our services. We believe that with a positive relationship with food, we can feel at our optimum.


Creative and critical thinking are embellished with nutrients that our foods provide to us. La Mer loves to educate on superfoods and the magnificent range of foods we have at our finger tips that provide us with so much brain power.

Let All Minds Embellish Riches!