La Mer Family Law

At La Mer Group, we understand that times of family conflict can be incredibly difficult for both you AND your child. Our services provide an environment that ensures stability and calmness in your child’s life. We understand that for children their school life is the world, so we encourage and embellish this aspect of their lives, while also maintaining academic excellency.

The stresses that are brought along with the collapse of a marriage or even de facto relationship can be incredibly confusing for children and they often have difficulty in expressing their feelings. This more often than not creates pent up frustration and anger.

At La Mer Group, we have services that will aide your child’s education and wellbeing development during this strenuous time. This relieves you as a parent to know that your child’s future and wellbeing are in safe hands.

Contact us to find out how we can create a personalised plan for you and your child to ensure they are completely taken care of during this critical time.

Contact La Mer Group for a free conversation to talk about a personalised plan for your child to ensure that they are completely taken care of.


La Mer Group provides referrals to our Family Law partners. Our team provides a personalised plan for your child overseeing learning development, nutrition, psychology, school life happiness and overall wellbeing.


La Mer Group supports children’s wellbeing during separation and divorce. Our team works personally with your family in partnership with your family lawyer to ensure the transition to changes in your family life will be positive and will not compromise the learning and development of your child.


Separation and divorce can impact a child as fear takes over as a result of the unknown and changes to the family structure. Our personalised prescribed portfolio for your child will include strategies to cope with change, methods to remain focused in school and to tailor the program to work with the child’s personalised growth points. We want your child to feel noticed, important and confident when perhaps you are time poor as the parent.