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La Mer Education directly prescribes a tutoring program for students that coincides with their individual learning loopholes and strengths. Our team can work in conjunction with teachers to enrich the student’s learning progress and development.

La Mer Education stand at the forefront of outside of school support. Our team understand what it is like to be in a classroom and to feel frustrated and helpless. At times, the work is too hard, or too easy. La Mer creates a portfolio of learning that matches exactly where the student lies and prescribes a program that is inspiring, engaging and fun. As a result, students feel so much more confident at school.

Partnership to Schools and Parents

The pressures of children and adolescents are escalating and the enormity of options and theories posed to parents are astronomically confusing. Should studying prevail sports? What schools and universities are right for the student? The answer is… anything really… whatever works for the individual. There is only one golden rule to abide by, that being, so long as your family emanates positive psychology and wellbeing, everything will work out fine. I promise! ” (Christina Aloisio)

The skill of coping with problems like anxiety, anger, frustration not only help students to reach their fullest but is a life skill as well. Thus, we are partnering with schools to provide them with our expertise in Student Wellbeing.

Early intervention is pertinent. La Mer Group supports children from preparatory years to year 12 in order to develop the skills in coping with wellbeing related issues and to deal with high school expectations.

La Mer Group strives to drive every student’s level of academic performance so that they reach their highest potential, BUT NOT AT THE COST OF WELLBEING.

Students have evidenced outstanding results as a consequence of our Individualised Education and Wellbeing Portfolios (IEWP’s).

Let us tailor a learning program according to your child's needs.


Customised portfolio

Our one-on-one appointments with La Mer Group allows students to be provided with he time and attention they need to succeed.

Creative and critical thinking

Each student is encouraged to develop their higher order, creative and critical thinking skills. We aim to remove any ceilings on how high a student’s intellectual capacity can reach.

Student wellbeing

Academic prosperity is of no value in the absence of a child that lives without happiness, confidence, integrity and values. La Mer wants to ensure that every child flourishes holistically.

Parent Reviews

I can not thank La Mer enough for the time and effort they have put in to helping my 9 year old son get on top of his maths equations, this Centre is so much more then learning Christina takes the time to find out about each individual student and caters to their learning style. The wellbeing part if the lesson has helped my son who suffers with anxiety build up confidence and start to enjoy learning so much so that his 6 year old brother requested to go and now enjoys his time at La Mer, thank you team!

― Natasha, Year 9 parent

My children have been attending La Mer for the last 3 years and I cannot recommend them highly enough. All the staff are wonderful with my children, responsive to their needs and most importantly my kids enjoy attending. Academically my youngest who her primary school tried to label with learning difficulties at the age of 6, Christina reassured me that this was not the case and within only a few weeks of one on one tutoring the difference in my daughters confidence and ability in reading, writing and speaking surpassed any of my expectations, she is now meeting her milestones along side her friends at school. I couldn’t be more happier with La Mer Wellbeing!

― Rosa, Year 6 parent

Our Success


Since we opened in 2016 we’ve seen the lives changed of over 300 students.


If our students don’t succeed, then we haven’t done our job. Our students have a 100% University acceptance rate!

About Us

We are La Mer Education, a place of educational excellence.

We equip your children for their chosen field of study and careers with lifelong learning skills.