Let All Minds Embellish Riches

A JOURNEY OF HOW EARLY LEARNING YEARS SHOULD BE. La Mer Group are the answer to privileged start for preparatory children, supporting early learning centres globally, with passion!

La Mer Group are expert consultants working in Early Learning Centres improving pedagogy, curriculum, staff professional development and instilling a thriving staff culture.

LA MER consults with childcare directors and centre managers, delivering accelerated success at all stages of the process of creating a childcare centre to bring to life.

La Mer believes preparatory years are the years that count the most!

La Mer Consultants will find the answer to any hurdles you may be experiencing in your centre.

Christina Aloisio, founder of La Mer Group acquires a devoted and lifelong commitment to her professional vocation in the field of education. In 2016, Christina made the decision to exit schools and to inaugurate a platform that adhered to the two major loopholes that she viewed as trends in schools. Firstly, the complexity to personalise learning programs to meet the needs of individual students, and secondly, the difficulty for teachers to meet the individual wellbeing requirements of individual students. Conjointly, Christina published the book, “The Science of Positive Psychology, Student Performance and Wellbeing”.

Christina welcomes all early learning centres to gain support and to enrich your centre’s prosperity and wellbeing.

Christina Aloisio, founder of La Mer Group (BEdTL, MEdL, DIT)


Let All Minds Embellish Riches

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